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Climbing & Bouldering in Silandro Lasa

Vertical Experiences in Venosta Valley

Around Silandro and Lasa there are many climbing routes and climbing areas to explore. Climbers find non-slip rock structures in dizzying heights or also the opportunity to complete difficult climbing exercises while bouldering near the ground.

A real natural experience for young and old is the High Ropes Course Lasa in the Allitzer Waldele forest. The complex has 7 courses with 80 platforms at different heights and skill levels. Bouldering fans will enjoy the boulder wall in the Silandro outdoor pool area. Here climbers will find an outdoor bouldering wall with a beachy feeling. The wall is 150 m2 and is 4.5 meters high.

And even in winter the region Venosta Valley has a lot to offer ambitious climbers: ice climbing, waterfall climbing or indoor training – pure action and adrenaline.

Information for the High ropes course Lasa
Maschler Georg 
Tel. +39 380 4 20 67 29

Rock climbing Priel
in Silandro with 36 routes
(difficulty 5a to 8a)

Rock climbing Alliz
20 routes

Rock climbing Nesselwand
in Lasa Valley with 65 routes
(difficulty 4 - 8a)
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Carriage drives and riding program for children and adults in Silandro-Lasa
The typical hiking paths in Venosta Valley, the old irrigation channels at the Sun Mountain.
Welcome in Silandro-Lasa
Hike along ancient irrigation channels at the Monte Sole, in the Stilfser Joch National Park or ride your bike along the Roman trade route Via Claudia Augusta. Relax in small villages and peaceful valleys with amiable hosts. Discover numerous cultural sites and the unique culinary delights of Venosta Valley.
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