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Family Hikes in Silandro and Lasa

In the Valley of Orchards and Irrigation Channels

The nature landscape around Silandro and Lasa is an ideal starting point for hikes in to the entire region, because it lies on the edge of two large nature reserves, the Stelvio National Park and the Ötztal Alps.

Here you will find numerous meadows, irrigation channels and hiking trails for families. The especially typical Waalwegeirrigation channel paths that run along the mountains without significant inclines are popular with day trippers and families. These offer hikers magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the valley without expending too much energy or having to climb on to exposed mountain slopes. Themed trails and nature trails in the region are also very popular, for example the Conifers in the Alpine Region path in the recreational zone of Allitzer Waldele forest.
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    Sun Promenade

    The Sun Promenade leads along a small irrigation channel carrying water from spring until autumn. There is a magnificent view from the trail of the old Silandro/Schlanders town centre this as well as of the apple orchards up to Covelano/Göflan and ...
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    Alliz Woods

    In 2011, the Alpine Conifers Educational Trail was inaugurated in these woods and the Vinschger Fahr und Reitverein horse association is also located there. Adventure-lovers there is also the Lasa Adventure Park in the vicinity.
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    Sulphur Springs

    The old Lasa Stinkabrunn Sulphur Spring was officially opened on 4th September 2011, after extensive renovations. The water is bacterially clean and rich in mineral content and is therefore well-suited to those with digestive, liver and skin-related ...
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Guided hikes with a forest ranger in the Stilfser Joch National Park
The forest high ropes course offers 7 courses from 2 to 25 meters in the center of Venosta valley.
Today the pedestrian zone is the heartbeat of Silandro with a promenade for locals and visitors.
Lasa Marble Trail-Sloped Railway Platform and the Covelano Marble Trail in the Stilfser Joch National Park.
Welcome in Silandro-Lasa
Hike along ancient irrigation channels at the Monte Sole, in the Stilfser Joch National Park or ride your bike along the Roman trade route Via Claudia Augusta. Relax in small villages and peaceful valleys with amiable hosts. Discover numerous cultural sites and the unique culinary delights of Venosta Valley.
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