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Monuments and Museums in the Resia Pass Holiday Area

Churches, Monasteries and Museums near Resia Lake

The churches, monasteries and museums bear testimony to the historical importance of the region in which the Resia Pass holiday area is located. Particularly noteworthy is the half-submerged church steeple emerging out of the Resia Lake that has become a symbol of the Venosta Valley, recalling a dark period in the history of these lands. The Museum of Old Curon compellingly recounts the story of the construction of the Resia dam.

Those interested in historical matters should not miss the opportunity of a visit to the old military fortifications, consisting of a series of concrete bunkers and anti-tank barriers located at the Resia Pass border with Austria, which today appear more like a bizarre work of rock art. Naudersburg Castle is also worth visiting as are a number of sacred and profane locations located in the Resia Pass holiday area, some of which seem to emit a particular type of energy.
  • turmnacht

    The Tower in the Lake

    The sunken tower in Lake Resia is the most photographed subject in the Venosta Valley region. It was built in the late 1300s as a separate building next to the church, and has withstood the blasts of 1949 and 1950, when the old village of Curon was ...
  • panzersperreplamort

    Border Fortifications along the Alpine Wall

    In the 1920s the Alpine Wall was erected, crossing through the region at the Resia pass. Today, the remnants, both underground and on the surface, can be viewed. Some have been turned into warehouses, art museums talking about the Alpine Wall, or ...
  • The St. Voltn Hospice

    In the past, travelers, merchants, knights and above all pilgrims passed along the old Roman trade road Via Claudia Augusta, running along the Adige river leading through Venosta Valley. Here, a man named Ulrich Primele erected a hospice in 1140. ...
  • fr-etschquelle

    Adige Source

    A worthwhile trail through woods and meadows leading up into the high Alpine region leads to the Adige river head. Here, the source of the second-longest river in Italy, hikers will find a great panoramic view in a unique place filled with natural ...
  • kirch-rojen-winter

    St. Nicholas Church

    The Gothic church of St. Nicholas in Resia sits at an altitude of 2000m and is decorated with 15th century frescoes from the Merano School. The cycle of frescoes in the vaulted ceiling of the interior depicts the life of Jesus from birth to ...
  • fr-bunker-eingang

    Bunker 20

    In the 1920s the huge Alpine Wall was erected, running near to the Resia Pass. Parts of the fortification, which nowadays look bizarre, are visible above ground, while large sections were also placed underground. Bunker 20 is located in the source ...
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