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Venosta Valley Card Premium

Venosta Valley Card Premium

A special feature of the Venosta Valley Card are the special privileges granted to cardholders. These include extra services in 12 selected locations around Venosta Valley.

Sunset Kayak Tour

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: Live an idyllic experience with a guided kayak tour on the Resia lake at sunset
In 1950, the village of Curon/Graun and a large part of the village of Resia/Reschen were drowned by the newly-built reservoir lake. 523 hectares of fertile cultivated soil as well as 163 inhabited houses were flooded. Only the church tower is ...

Watles the Adventure Mountain, Prämajur

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: Learn the basics of archery at the 3D shooting-range at Watles.
Watles, the mountain of emotions and adventures, is the ideal leisure destination for the entire family: with its adventure lake, the archery range with 3D targets and endless walks in the middle of the pristine nature.

Coira Castle, Sluderno

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: Spend one hour photographing among the arches of the loggia and the armoury. This is a unique opportunity to photograph the castle interiors without restrictions. We regret that during the guided tours no photographs may be taken.
Coira Castle looks out across the locality of Sluderno. With an extraordinarily well-stocked armoury and its fabulous Renaissance-era arcades, it is one of the best-preserved castles in South Tyrol. The castle can only be visited during guided tours.

The Medieval Town of Glorenza/Glurns

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: a leisurely walk through the town, to the tower with permanent exhibition and to the town mill. On the tour you will get interesting information about the town and its inhabitants. The guided tour ends with a convivial tea tasting.
Glorenza/Glurns is the only town in the entire Alps with its medieval fortifications still intact. The old town walls and gate towers are preserved in their entirety.

Baking Bread – The Traditional Homemade Venosta ‘Paarl’

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: Witness the transformation from grain into the traditional ‘Paarl’ Venosta loaf.
‘We have been farmers for generations,’ says Alois Burger of the Winklhof farm. Besides traditional cattle breeding and dairy production, he also started cultivating rye, wheat, and barley since 2008. After milling and processing, bread is produced ...

Guided Alpine Pasture Hike with Cheese Tasting

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: After an Alpine hike guided by a national park ranger with impressing view of the Ortles massif, the dairy keeper will give you an insight into everyday life in the Alps. The tour ends with a convivial cheese tasting.
Alpine pastures have shaped the Alpine landscape in the Venosta Valley. The local alp cheese is a semi-hard cheese from raw milk made after traditional handcraft methods. This traditional cheese is produced following the principles of sustainable ...

Lasa Marble, Lasa

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: participants are handed a Lasa marble souvenir gift.
Lasa marble is a particularly valued type of marble, the purity of which is in worldwide demand for prestigious works of sculpture. The guided tour through the marble village of Lasa allows the visitor to follow the extraction process production and ...

Carriage Ride Through the Apple Orchards of the Venosta Valley

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: Acarriage ride through the Venosta Valley apple garden with a local bio-farmer as your guide. The tour ends with an organic cider soup and apple strudel tasting in the old farm cellar.
In the Venosta Valley, roughly 2000 families are involved in apple farming, with their orchards yielding over 200,000 tons of apples per year. The Bio-Vill Farm in Silandro has implemented the Demeter Biodynamic farm standard for over 30 years.

Excursion, Martello Valley

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: guided excursions in search of the marmots of the Stelvio National Park.
Discover the pristine Martello Valley by foot: set out in search of marmots and other high mountain wildlife. And don’t be startled in case you might encounter some spirited whistling!

Summer Biathlon, Martello Valley

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: secure shooting practice with small-calibre rifles at the Biathlon center.
The Biathlon and the Martello Valley go hand-in-hand. The Biathlon has been held in this pristine valley of the Stelvio National Park since 1992. Since the 2011 European Biathlon Championships took place in the Martello Valley, this sport has become ...

Visit to Wineries or Distilleries

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: The local wineries and distilleries invite alternately to a guided tour through their farms and cellars, offering the visitors an insight into wine making and a tasting of their own produce.
Viticulture and fruit cultivation have always played a key role in the economy of the Venosta Valley. The vineyards and fields stretching up to the arid slopes of Monte Sole mountain in Venosta Valley characterize its picturesque landscape.

Dressing up Like Ötzi,the Iceman

For Venosta Valley Card holders only: Just slip in the fur- and leather clothing of Ötzi’s time to project yourself 5,000 years back in history, but don’t forget to bring your personal snapshot back to the present.
The archeoParc Senales museum is the first archaeological outdoor museum in South Tyrol. Due to the innovative and enjoyable presentation the visitors immerse in the Stone Age, at the time when Ötzi, the Iceman, was still alive.
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Welcome in Prato all Stelvio
Hike in the Stelvio National Park, bike along the Roman trade route Via Claudia Augusta and ski with panoramic view on the Ortles. Relax in small villages and peaceful valleys with amiable hosts. Discover numerous cultural sites and the unique culinary delights of Venosta Valley.